Our Vision

To empower the world through transformational wellness experiences.

Where passion
meets purpose

We’re all about a life well lived – a life that is empowered in mind, body, and spirit! A life that is driven by passion and purpose, amplified by adventure, reflection, and growth, and ignited through transformational wellness experiences.

Stellar Experiences exists to empower executive teams and high achievers with the strategies and distinctions to overcome obstacles impacting their personal and professional lives through curated immersive adventure & wellness retreats.

For every experience you embark on, Stellar Experiences will contribute to rescuing children from child slavery and act as a partner in their rehabilitation through The Shooting Star Project.

What We Do

We help executive leaders overcome burnout by getting clarity, confidence and momentum to focus on their most important outcomes so they can live a fulfilled and impactful life.
White Water Rafting
Mountain Biking

Our Six Step Success Model

We support you and your team to…

Step 1

Get clarity and discover the largest areas impacting your team’s performance.

Step 2

Strategize and curate an exclusive experience for your team that facilitates the ecosystem needed to overcome roadblocks and build momentum towards your outcomes.

Step 3

Guide you through our pre-retreat mental and physical training system through our executive coaches.

Step 4

Facilitate your retreat in the Canadian Rockies through exclusive luxury wellness and adventure activities.

Step 5

Deliver post-retreat reflection points and integration steps to increase personal & collective performance.

Step 6

Check in on your progress and make adjustments.

Conquering Your Mountain

Conquering Mountains
  • Can you imagine the feeling of euphoria to be present for all of life’s important moments?

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience a life changing adventure that frees you from burnout and leaves you feeling rejuvenated?

  • Wouldn’t it be inspiring to develop deeper relationships with other high achievers that understand the dedication required to perform at the level you desire?

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