The Shooting Star Project

Imagine being a parent and walking into the room where your daughter used to sleep in blissful peace at night. Except now when you walk into that room, the bed is empty, her teddy bears are snuggled up, and all that remains are the memories of the joy she used to bring the world, as she has been kidnapped and trafficked in the darkest pits of the world; waiting to be rescued from her nightmare.

This is the reality that millions of parents and children face around the world every year as a result of underground child slavery syndicates.

The Shooting Star Project was established to support the rescue of such children, and act as a partner in their rehabilitation, so that one day they can turn the injustices they faced into personal power to go on with their life and shine their bright light into the world.

We believe that every child deserves to live in freedom and happiness. Children are magical and hold the power to bring positive change to the world through a new filter of life and its possibilities.

Our mission is to empower children through our mentorship programs, wellness curriculums, adventure expeditions and transformational experiences, in the same way that we serve our executive clients at Stellar Experiences. 

Our vision is to live in a world free of slavery, where children are cherished for the magic and innocence they bring to the world  where all children have a childhood.

This is our dream, and we hope that you come along and be the hero that someone needs.

Here are some of the partners that we are looking to make a difference with.

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